About IAM

Our mission at Immersive Aerial Media is to combine cinematic and FPV style aerial footage to provide a unique deliverable for our clients. Whether you need smooth cinematic or high-speed action footage we have you covered.

Drones have been used to show viewers of all demographics perspectives and vantage points never seen before. At Immersive Aerial Media our FAA 107 certified operators will work directly with clients to elevate their content and give them the ability to tell their stories in new creative ways. 

Michael Holzwarth

Michael is a 107 certificate holder and has been operating drones commercially with some of New England’s premiere studios on Feature Films and TV shows for the past 6 years. With degrees in marketing and small business management, Michael is always looking for new ways to highlight clients branding and bring their stories to new heights.

Sold Footage to:

  • Reebok
  • Boston Landmark Orchestra
  • NOVA
  • Hawaii News NOW
  • Good Morning America
  • CNN
  • Right this minute


Mike is an annual guest lecturer at MIT
Teaching the aeronautics division all about UAV’s (drones)

Daniel Wahl

Dan brings a broad electronics background, from working as an Electrician 6 years to working as support staff in manufacturing on CNC Equipment and Automation Systems for 8 years, and he has been building, tuning, and flying FPV drones for 4 years.

Dan’s past experience in electronics and automation has really aided in building custom drones and also in being able to rapidly modify drones to suit specific tasks needed for complex shoots

Dan has done FPV drone work for commercial shoots for TV and octane sports events for the past 2 years (Monster trucks, Motocross freestyle shows, drift events etc.) all over New England and has captured footage for Red Bull, Amazon, and Falken Tire.